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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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State Level Schemes

Name of scheme: Special program related to work of roads, drains, and other basic amenities in village rural areas suggested by people representatives (2515-1238)

Nature of the scheme: State-level plan

Details of the scheme:

Due to lack of adequate funds for rural infrastructure in the rural areas of the state due to basic amenities, villagers have to face many problems. This is a demand for funds from people's representatives. Considering this matter, special programs for the purpose of construction of roads drains and other basic amenities under rural villages, suggested by the Hon'ble Speaker, have been started from the year 2008-09. The following works are considered under this scheme.

Improvement of roads, drains, stormwater and graveyard under village, construction of security wall, village panchayat office, facilities for week-long, garbage depot in the village and facilities for primary processing, plantation and protection of trees in public premises, social hall / Social work, public toilets, laying of pavement blocks on roads and other basic amenities.

Ma Proposals for the suggestions suggested by the representatives of the Representatives / Order Government / Chief Executive Officer ZP They are accepted. Considering all the proposals received at Govt. Level and Chief Executive Officer, according to the urgency of the work and according to the availability of funds are sanctioned..

Provision available for the current year:

27.50 crores has been made for the financial year 2013-14.

Reimbursement Of VAT On HSD

Value Added Tax (VAT) on Diesel oil for mechanized fishing boats is being reimbursed from April 2005 (In Mumbai area 35 % and out of Mumbai area 31 %).

The ceiling limit is as follows :-

More Reimbursement Of VAT On HSD