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Government of India Emblem

Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
Government of India Emblem
Government of India Emblem


About MFDC

Aims and Objectives of MFDC

  • To promote, develop & scientifically exploit the marine as well as inland fishery resources and procure fish and other products.
  • To acquire, maintain and operate fishing vessels, nets, hooks and other gear to raise overall production of fish within the state of Maharashtra and also from the seas far and near.
  • To sell and export fish, fresh, frozen processed or dry and other aquatic products either produced by the company or acquired or purchased from other agencies on wholesale or retail or agency or by any other methods, either in this state or any other state in India.

MFDC State Level Set Up
Field Level Set Up
Right to Information (RTI) of MFDC

  • MFDC RTI Information (Managing Director)
  • MFDC RTI Information (Regional Offices) 
    • Nagpur Region- Dist.- Nagpur,Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Gondia (In Marathi)
    • Aurangabad Region-Dist.-Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhanil, Beed (In Marathi)