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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
Government of India Emblem

District Level Schemes

Training Of Fisher Youths

A) Inland:-Short-term Training of advanced technology in freshwater Fish farming is impacted to Fisher youth.

  • Place of training - Government fish seed centres
  • Duration of training - One month.
  • No. of Training Terms - 2(IMC Breeding season)/(Cyprinus Breeding season).
  • Capacity - 20 Trainee/Term.
  • After successful completion of Training, the certificate is awarded.

More Training Of Fisher Youths

Establishment Of Fish Seed Centers

The department has established Forty-two fish seed production centers out of which 28 centers are facilitated with Chinese Circular Hatcheries, to make available Indian Major Carp and Common Carp quality fish seed to pisciculturists of the state.

Fish seed is made available at reasonable rates from these centers..

More Establishment Of Fish Seed centres

Fish Farming In Impounded Waters

Fishing rights of newly constructed irrigation tanks and reservoirs are handover to the Department of Fisheries by Irrigation Department for the development of pisciculture. Such virgin tanks are stocked by the government for first five years as per the directives of the government. The revised departmental stocking policy is determined by Government Resolution No. Matsui -2410/527/Pra.Kra.104/10/ADF-13, dated 18.09.2010 under this scheme as below:

More Fish Farming In Impounded Waters

Concession In Electricity Bill For Ice Factories And Cold Storages Of Fisheries Co-Operatives

It is imperative to preserve fish in ice or in cold- storage as it is highly perishable food commodity. The ice factories & cold storages are managed by fisheries co-operative societies. Day by day it is becoming a costly affair to manage the ice factories & cold storages. Hence concession is accorded to Fisheries Co-operative Societies at the rate of 40 paise per unit. The reimbursement according to use of electricity is paid directly to MSEB on behalf of Fisheries Co-operative Societies by State Government.

Providing Infrastructure Facilities On Fish Landing Centers - Crash Program

Under this scheme / program following infrastructural facilities/ works up to the estimated cost of Rs. 5.00 lakhs are provided at fish landing centers. These construction works are being carried out by Harbour Division.

More Providing Infrastructure Facilities On Fish Landing Centers - Crash Program

Development Of Fisheries Co-Operatives Societies

To uplift the socio-economic conditions and strengthen the Fisheries Co-operative Societies assistance is provided to the Fisheries Co-operatives.

  • Managerial subsidy of Rs.5000/- is awarded to groups sponsored Primary Fisheries Co-operative society in descending order for five years.
  • Managerial subsidy of Rs.1800/- is awarded to Primary Fisheries Co-operative society which are not groups sponsored descending order for five years.
  • Managerial subsidy of Rs.2000/- is awarded to Primary Fisheries Co-operative society descending order for five years.
  • Managerial subsidy of Rs.12500/- is awarded to District & Regional Fisheries Federation descending order for five years.
  • Fisheries co-operative societies are awarded Managerial Share Capital amounting Rs.10,000/- or limited to 3 times of concerned societies share capital.

Assistance On Purchase Of Fishery Requisites

A) Assistance For Purchase Of Twine And Nets :-
Assistance in the form of subsidy is provided to fishermen members through concerned fisheries co-operative society on the purchase of fishing nets and twine at concessional rates.

More Assistance On Purchase Of Fishery Requisites

Reimbursement Of VAT On HSD

Value Added Tax (VAT) on Diesel oil for mechanized fishing boats is being reimbursed from April 2005 (In Mumbai area 35 % and out of Mumbai area 31 %).

The ceiling limit is as follows :-

More Reimbursement Of VAT On HSD

Assistance For Installation Of OBM & IBM - CSS

The fishermen are economically vulnerable to traditional fish fishermen, and the purpose of this scheme is to provide fishing facility to 5 fertile depths in the community, time for fishing and more time for fishing, and bringing the caught fish to the coast quickly and increase their income.

The Government has brought this scheme for traditional fishermen, with the aim of making fisheries and fisheries and their fisheries cooperative societies in the Gulf, by making an external engine on small noses, making the fish economically viable.

Establishment Of Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

Fish Farmers Development Agencies have been established to increase freshwater fish/prawn production by adopting modern techniques of intensive fish/prawn culture, in selected ponds & tanks, by imparting training to selected fish farmers and financial assistance is also made available to selected fish farmers.

Fish farmers Development Agencies also co-ordinate production and sale of fish.

Schemes implemented by Fish Farmers Development Agencies.

More Establishment Of Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

Establishment Of Brackish Water Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

With the aim of coordinating the fish production and fisheries sector by developing the area under the submersible water, under the water of the submersible under the intensive culture of fisheries, by training the fishermen and increasing fish production and providing fish farming and fish farming in the form of fishery development system for every marine district has been established. That's it.

The program for the Bhujal area is being implemented through the fishing system provided by the Marine Development Agency.

The District Collector and the member secretary of the respective districts will be the Assistant Commissioner of Fisheries.

Schemes implemented through Fisheries Development Mechanism.

matter rate magnitude limit feedback
Construction of ponds (barking) 60,000 / - Hector 2 -
75,000 / - Hector 5 Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe
Renewal of the tank 15,000 / - Hector 5 -
18,000 / - Hector 5 Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe

Fishermen Development Rebate On HSD Oil - CSS

Concession @ Rs. 1.50 / liter is provided to Fishermen on Diesel oil used for fishing boats. Admissible diesel limit for fishing boats.

Limitation of use of diesel for fishing boats are as follows :-

More Fishermen Development Rebate On HSD Oil - CSS

Mechanisation & Improvement Of Fishing Crafts - N.C.D.C.

Fisheries are a fictitious thing and they should go to the fastest market without spoiling it, financial assistance for the fisheries cooperative societies to get a fair price.
Fisheries Co-operative financing for purchase of trucks for fishery / ice transport, diesel transportation

Preservation, Transportation And Marketing - N.C.D.C.

Finance truck / diesel tanker Icecream / cold storage
State Government - Special Releasing Part Capital 10% 10%
NCL-Loans 50% 55%
- Part Capital 15% 05%
- Special Released Part Capital - 20%
organization's investment 10% 10%

Criteria -

  • The institution should not be ballads.
  • Recovery of fisheries cooperative organization should be 75%.
  • Annual turnover of fishery cooperative organization should be over 10 lakhs.
  • The institution should have its own or long lease premises for the construction of an ice house / a jute.
  • There should be basic amenities like water, water and roads for the construction of ice factory / jute building.