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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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Disaster Management

National Disaster Management

Fisheries Disaster Management

Maharashtra state is endowed with 720km coastal length with 1,11,512 of continental shelf area up to 100-fathom depth. Fishing activity is regular up to 70-fathom depth. However natural disasters strike unexpectedly resulting in accidental deaths and financial loss. The Meteorological department used to regularly provide information about disasters directly to Fisheries department. Nowadays Police department provides information received by District Collectorate. However prior and timely information about the disaster is not available. Whenever natural disaster is about to occur or occurs unexpectedly fishermen are intimated by the wireless communication system and are told to take shelter at the nearest coast. Many times the wireless system is rendered useless due to extremely bad weather condition. To overcome this problem of communication in worst conditions Vessel Tracking and Monitoring System (V.T.M.S.) is very useful for larger 4 cylinder / 6 cylinder fishing vessels. Drifted Vessel can be traced with the help of satellite. For smaller fishing boats of 1 cylinder/2 cylinder, Distress Alert Transmission (D.A.T.) system is very useful as it is very handy and transmits regular distress signal when activated. Proposal for above-mentioned equipment and system are submitted to the government and are under consideration. Presently 25% subsidy is provided for wireless sets and GPS systems for 25-ton vessels only.However, smaller vessels should be provided above-mentioned system.

During disaster Navy and Coast Guard are intimated of search and rescue of fishermen on stranded/drifted/capsized fishing vessels by helicopter. Navy and Coast Guard agencies educate the fishermen about disaster regularly. However if a loss of life occurs while fishing during the disaster Rs.1.00 lakh is granted to the grieving family members. If the vessel is capsized/destroyed in accident during disaster a new vessel project is sanctioned under National Co-operative Development Corporation (N.C.D.C.) scheme.