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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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Contingency Management Plan

Contingency plan in the event of defacement / natural calamity
Clause 8.4
Department of Fisheries Department website has been placed in protected zones with the implementation of firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and high availability solutions.
Defacement Protection
1. Department of Fisheries Department website is audited for protection against Security & Performance degradation.
2. Any application level modification on the Department of Fisheries Department website requires re-audit.
3. All the server configuration and logs are monitored timely.
4. Only System administrator users are allowed to access the servers for doing administration and configuration tasks.
5. Except Front-end, all the backend servers are under lock and net secured.
6. Contents are updated through a secure CMS.
There are two ways of monitoring of defacement of the Department of Fisheries Department website.
Cybersecurity division monitors by analyzing the log files.
In case of any eventuality whoever notices the defacement (either Website Monitoring Team or Cyber Security) informs the Web Information Manager on phone as well as through the mail. SDC Help Desk also informs the Administrator Public Work Department website on the telephone and also by mail.
Contingency Plan in Case of Natural Calamity:
There could be circumstances whereby due to some natural calamity (it may due to any reason that is beyond the control of any person); the entire data center where the Department of Fisheries Department website has been hosted gets destroyed or ceases to exist. In such case first of all the in-charge of Data Centre will declare the natural calamity and would instruct the sites to be started from other sites.