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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
Government of India Emblem
Government of India Emblem

Work order dated 27/10/2021 for PMMSY year 2021-22

PDF iconMinutes of meeting (English) (1.89 MB)

PDF iconList of the Committee members present for SLAMC meeting (English) (994.07 KB)

FileAppendix-2 - List of Approved Beneficiaries (MIS) (English) (94.51 KB)

PDF iconExtention and support service center (English) (286 KB)

PDF iconFish value add enterprises unit (English) (286 KB)

PDF iconOpen sea cage culture (English) (294 KB)

PDF iconBackyard mini RAS (English) (253.6 KB)

PDF iconBackyard ornamental fish rearing unit (English)(321.88 KB)

PDF iconConstructuion fish kiosk (English) (799.67 KB)

PDF iconConstruction biofloc pond FW areas include input (English) (804.64 KB)

PDF iconConstruction biofloc pond in saline area (English)(165.91 KB)

PDF iconConstruction of grow out pond (English) (2.57 MB)

PDF iconConstruction of pond BW (English) (161.6 KB)

PDF iconConstruction of Rearing pond (English) (269.25 KB)

PDF iconConstruction pond saline-alkaline areas (English)(253.22 KB)

PDF iconDeep sea fishing vessels(English) (296.01 KB)

PDF iconDisease diagnostic lab(English) (240.19 KB)

PDF iconE platform (English ) (237.24 KB)

PDF iconEstablishement of fish seed hatchery (English) (439.58 KB)

PDF iconEstablishment of Sea Weed Rafts (English) (211.61 KB)

PDF iconFeed Mill 2 Ton (English) (850.39 KB)

PDF iconFeed mill 8 ton (English) (304.77 KB)

PDF iconFeed mill 20 ton (English) (260.67 KB)

PDF iconICe plant 10ton (English) (283.46 KB)

PDF icon Ice plant 20 ton (English) (274.99 KB)

PDF iconIce plant 30 ton (English) (292.87 KB)

PDF iconice plant 50 ton (English) (326.12 KB)

PDF iconRefrigerarted vehicle (English) (442.82 KB)

PDF iconInstallation of Cages (English) (1.14 MB)

PDF iconSmall RAS (English) (5.09 MB)

PDF iconInput BW aquaculture (English) (134 KB)

PDF iconInput cost for freshwater aquaculture (English) (4 MB)

PDF iconInput saline alkaline water aquaculture (English) (247 KB)

PDF iconInsulated vehicle 6 ton (English) (534 KB)

PDF iconIntegrate ornamental fish unit (English) (384 KB)

PDF iconLarge recirculatory Aquaculture System (English) (879 KB)

PDF iconLive fish vending center (English) (398 KB)

PDF icon Stocking of fingerlings (English) (1.5 MB)

PDF icon Providing boats and nets for traditional fishermen (English) (1.7 MB)

PDF iconPromotion of recreational fisheries (English) (277 KB)

PDF icon Motorcycle with ice box (English) (1.4 MB)

PDF icon Modernisation of cold storage (English0) (254 KB)

PDF icon Medium scale ornamental fish rearing unit (English) (231 KB)

PDF iconMedium Recirculatory aquaculture system (English) (3.8 MB)

PDF iconThree wheeler with ice box (English) (827 KB)

PDF iconUpgradation of fishing vessels (English) (312 KB)

FileAppendix-3-List of Beneficiaries in the Waiting List (MIS) (English) (19.89 KB)

PDF iconGrow out ponds Waiting list (English) (372.78 KB)

PDF iconHatchery WO Waiting list (English)(242.05 KB)

PDF iconInput cost Waiting list (English)(414 KB)

PDF iconLarge RAS Waiting list (English)(1.1 MB)

PDF icon Motorcycle with ice box Waiting list (English) (256 KB)

PDF iconLive fish vending centre Waiting list (English) (414 KB)