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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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Government of India Emblem

Work order of the Central Government dated 3/1/2023 year 2022-23

  • Work order on selection of beneficiaries for the year 2022-23 received revised administrative approval as per revised action plan year 2022-23.
  • Regional Division wise approval orders are as follows

    Sr.No Section Size Download
    1 Mumbai Region 5.08 MB pdf-icon Mumbai Region(Marathi)
    2 Pune Region 7.52 MB pdf-iconPune Region(Marathi)
    3 Aurangabad Region 3.89 MB pdf-iconAurangabad Region(Marathi)
    4 Nagpur Region 6.83 MB pdf-iconNagpur Region(Marathi)
    5 Nashik Region 5.68 MB pdf-iconNashik Region(Marathi)
    6 Amravati Region 2.72 MB pdf-iconAmravati Region(Marathi)
    7 Latur Region 3.82 MB pdf-iconLatur Region(Marathi)