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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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Government of India Emblem

Centrally Sponsored Schemes

Assistance For Installation Of OBM & IBM - CSS

The purpose of this scheme is to make fisheries fishing fishermen economically vulnerable to the fishermen, to facilitate fishing, to go fishing time and to get more time fishing and to bring the caught fish immediately to the coast.

Establishment Of Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

Fish Farmers Development Agencies have been established to increase freshwater fish/prawn production by adopting modern techniques of intensive fish/prawn culture, in selected ponds & tanks, by imparting training to selected fish farmers and financial assistance is also made available to selected fish farmers.

More Establishment Of Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

Establishment Of Brackish Water Fish Farmers Development Agency - CSS

With the aim of coordinating the fish production and fisheries sector by developing the area under the submersible water, under the intensive culture of fisheries, by training the fishermen and increasing fish production and providing fish farming and in the form of fishery development system for every marine district has been established. That's it.

Fishermen Development Rebate On HSD Oil - CSS

Concession @ Rs. 1.50 / liter is provided to Fishermen on Diesel oil used for fishing boats. Admissible diesel limit for fishing boats.

More Fishermen Development Rebate On HSD Oil - CSS