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Department of Fisheries

Government of Maharashtra, India
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Brackish Water Land Leasing Policy

The scheme of Distribution of Government Brackish water land has been implemented to bring brackish water land under Shrimp culture. Details of Brackish water land are as follows.

  • Government Brackish water land suitable for Shrimp Culture - 12,445 Ha.
  • Brackish water land allotted for Shrimp Culture - 3,067 Ha.
  • Brackish water area brought under Culture
    • Government - 942 Ha.
    • Private - 114 Ha.
    • Total - 1056 Ha.
  • Number of Shrimp culture projects - 213

Vide this scheme Government Brackish water land is allotted for brackish water fish or shrimp culture on a lease for 30 years.

  • Government Resolution Environmental Department No. ENV-2001/183/Pra.Kra. 31/Tan.K-1, Dated 25.10.2001.
  • Government Resolution Agriculture and ADF Department No. Nikhayo-1492/Pra. Kra.163/ADF-12, Dated 23.11.2001.
  • Government Resolution Revenue and Forest Department No. Jameen-10/2002/ Pra.Kra.310/J-1, Dated 11.03.2002.
  • Government Resolution Agriculture and ADF Department No. Nikhayo-1492/Pra. Kra.163/ADF-12, Dated 15.03.2003.
  • Government Resolution Agriculture and ADF Department No. Nikhayo-1492/Pra. Kra.163/ADF-12, Dated 28.04.2006.

Aquaculture Authority has been constituted to implement the rulings of The Hon. Suprim Court regarding Shrimp Culture.

On the basis of C.R.Z. Shrimp Culture projects are of two types :

  • Shrimp Culture Projects within C.R.Z.
  • Shrimp Culture Projects outside CR.Z.

Shrimp Farms can take shrimp production by improved traditional methods. But to enhance the shrimp production improved technology can be deployed with due permission of Aquaculture Authority. Aquaculturist shall submit complete proposal with an application in prescribed proforma to Assistant Commissioner of Fisheries (Tech) of the concern districts.

Allotment Of Government Brackish Water Land - New Lease Rent

Beneficiary Premium (Rs./ha.) Annual Lease Rent (Rs./ha.)
Traditional Fisherman, Individual Applicant 5,000/- 1,000/-
Fisheries Co-Operative Society 10,000/- 1,500/-
Company/ Partnerships Firms And Other Applicants 25,000/- 2,000/-

Lease rent amount will be raised by the amount shown in above table after every 5 years.

Priority For Selection Of Individual Beneficiary:

Priority sequence for selection of Individual Beneficiary Priority sequence within Category
Applicant Of Village From Where Land Is To Be Allotted Applicant From Fisherman Community
Applicant Of The District From Where Land Is To Be Allotted 1) Scheduled Cast/ Scheduled Tribe/V.J. & N.T. Applicant
2) O.B.C. Applicant
3) Ex-Serviceman
4) Educated Unemployed
5) Other Applicants

Land Allotment Vide Revised Government Resolution :-

Applicant Hectare
Individual 5
Co-Operative Society/Company And Entrepreneur 30
Additional For Combined Project 5

Proportion Of Land Allotment :-

Land Allotment Authority :-

Authority Hectare
Collector 20
Divisional Commissioner 20 - 50
Government More than 50